Avocado Smoothie

What I can say about this recipe, its one of my most favorite smoothie ever. I am always picky eater and I dont stick to the same food or drink everyday.  But to be frank this smoothie changed me upside down. I could drink this everyday with no second thoughts.

Okay, let me come to the interesting part that how I became the fan of this smoothie. When I was pregnant my hubby used to tell me Avocado is good for baby brain , so try to eat at-least a slice of  avocado every day. But I was so hesitate to eat it , so my hubby made this yummy and mouth watering smoothie. It can be a smoothie or ice-cream based on the consistency. Every friends who visits my home will ask for this smoothie, that much popular it became.,

The main ingredient for this smoothie is AVOCADO & VANILLA YOGURT.

Prep time : 5 mins
Serves : 2


Avocado – 1
Vanilla Yogurt – 2 tbsp
Milk – 2 cups (Based on the consistency you want ; 2 cups for ice-cream consistency)
Honey – 1 tbsp



  • Take a good ripened avocado and scoop the pulp.
  • Add the vanilla yogurt, honey & milk with the scooped avocado in a blender or juicer.
  • Add in a serving cup drizzle some honey on the top.


You will have a yummy and healthy smoothie ready in minutes.

Kids will love this recipe and this might be the one of good option for the friends & relatives who visits our home to prepare something healthy in quick time.

Please do try and let us know your experience in the comment section.

Labor and delivery

Oh my god whenever I think of this I am getting chills and goosebumps all over me. labor is always most painful sweet moment, because that’s the only pain that gives immense joy. We start with cry and end with smiles. For my delivery my inlaws came from India to be with me and to welcome their grandchild to this world.

Ok now I get into my story of labor. I was overdue to my labor so my doctor recommended that we have to induce the pain for labor so we picked the date to get admitted and induced. The day came to get admitted for inducing, it was November 24 around 7.00 pm actually it was thanksgiving here.

Once I got admitted they started the procedure for inducing, they did the basic test like fetal heart beat, and checking the baby position, basic ultrasound, and some more tests. That’s when my doctor came to give pain medicine and sleeping pill because it was expected to be long day that I should get rest and be prepared to push.

At this time we decided to send back my inlaws to Home so that they could also get some rest and comes back in the morning, and then my hubby and me had chit chat about the big day and tried to sleep. After few hour we both fell asleep, here comes the trauma we both would have just fell asleep there came my nurse to check something with me and in another few secs I was surrounded by 12 doctors and nurse. My doctor made me to flip both sides and upside down we didn’t really know what’s going on we both were confused they were not telling us what’s going on then after few secs they told us like baby’s heart beat is zero yeah you read it right ZERO, we both were shocked I really didn’t understand what happened and immediately my doctor told we have to do an emergency C-section.

They told my hubby we give you two mins which is to vacate or room and another min for changing the dress to O.R, so meanwhile I was taken to O.R and they started to discuss whether they should give anesthesia or epidural. Before the decision made, my baby heart beat came so they went with epidural, they were prepping me for epidural and they made everything ready at this time my hubby came inside the o.r I was literally in shock and shivering feeling very guilty that I made some mistake. Then my hubby made me calm down and told there is nothing wrong u did while he was telling I heard my baby crying I asked my hubby wether baby is born he told like they have just taken the head and baby is crying I felt overwhelming hearing my baby cry. Once they took baby out my hubby went to check on her.My baby came to this world on Friday early morning 1.23am 😇

After few mins he brought my baby to me and gave in my hands which was like amazing to see her. I couldn’t explain the feeling in words really the doctors their said that she was a dramatic queen. She made everyone crazy in few mins, then they found the cause for heart beat drop when they induced me pain the baby tried to come down at that time baby got stressed out the main reason was her umbilical cord was short in length compare t normal. This is very rare scenario it happens 1 in 5 women’s, but later she came out she was perfect baby she weighed 7lbs and 20 inch long… she was beautiful like a doll very less hair she was pink in color. I cuddled her close to me and told thank u to her for choosing us as her parents and making our life reasonable.

We named our bundle of joy as Diksha Balaji, now she is our world and everything for us.

When I went in to delivery I thought I was the one who had story behind it but that’s not true every women who goes in to labor has one kind of situation and dramas. Big salute to all the doctors and nurses for giving needed help while we are in pain.

Mom and Daughter bonding

Wow the words mom and daughter those words itself gives special smile on every one face. Because I too have a one year baby girl, being a women itself is spl thing, then being a mom is another special thing that too being a mom to daughter is adding extra flavor to our life…

My mom and I used to be very best friend she is such a sweet person, she shares her joy and sorrow with me… sometimes I become mom to her I think this is why mom and daughter relationship are special.

My mommy is very special to me I don’t know how many mom and daughter share a bonding with each other but to me she is the best mom, I have seen few friends of mine whose mothers are like warden they don’t believe their own daughter, but my mom gave me all the freedom and believed in me but that freedom itself became a huge responsibility for me because I should not make her feel wrong… I used to share everything to mom we became close friends.

Sometimes my friends tell me that my mommy is their friend yeah after my marriage I reduced my friends it’s not because of my husband but because of priorities and responsibility taking care of my family, but still now my mom is talking to all my friends I feel proud of her.

She is teacher,a well wisher, grandma for two babies, mom for two kids but more than all these she is a good human.., I love her for being she always, I have never seen her changing her values for anyone, she works hard to give our family joy… I still remember she wakes up by 4.00 AM do all the home chores and start her duty by taking spoken English class by 6.00 AM and finish their and come to school takes class and in the eve tuition she returns home in the night…

When I came to know that I am going to have baby girl I thought I should be like my mom I should teach my girl what my mom thought… all my friends told me u will be like ur mom to ur daughter those words were very enriching me… I hope I may give my girl the values of life given by mom to me…

Mummy u r always best…

My Miracle Pregnancy

My title might look weird that’s why a pregnancy supposed to be miracle. But in my case it’s really MIRACLE. I had PCOs and had irregular periods. I believe that a woman gets fulfilled when she gets the promotion as a mom but in my case it took really 5 hard mile stones , I was in a treatment to get pregnant, treatment means nothing big problem just a minor issue due to small reason it took years for me to get pregnant.

I had an doctor appointment for an usual ultra sound to know what’s exactly happening, so we went and they took an ultra sound and told me everything was fine and told us before we proceed for further treatment let’s just take a blood test for pregnancy… in all the frustration I gave a blood test and came while coming back I was in the peak of frustration I even told my hubby there is no god or such things and we were planning to go India for a vacation to be with my mom.

So we came home doing our routine,there came a call from my doctors office so I took the call and the nurse asked me wether it’s Abhilaksha Balaji I said yes and she told me congratulation and u r pregnant I was literally in shock, I asked her whether it’s my name and conformed her back and back in the joy I started to cry and gave the phone to my hubby he was confused y am I crying he thought something happened to someone in India, so he was in a business call but he cut abruptly and spoke to the nurse they told them the news he was so much happy…

We both had tears rolling in our eyes, every time we both have cried out of pain but this time we cried out of happiness… we called our family and one of our close friend to convey this good news… they all felt happy and had a relief from the pain they all went through with us…

The whole nine month of carrying a baby in me was just beautiful no words to explain, I experienced such a wonderful things happening inside my tummy like kick of my baby, hiccups(yes she had lots of hiccups), her joy when I laughed, tickles in first few months, we can add more and more. By this pregnancy I attained more maturity and more responsible as there was another life growing inside me.

But in this pregnancy I learnt one truth that is even though we carry a baby in our womb there is another big role who plays physically and mentally by thinking about the baby future and his/her life in his entire journey to give full satisfaction for the baby that’s none other than the baby’s father. I salute all the men for taking every tantrums that women makes during pregnancy…

I had happy pregnancy and healthy cute little angel now she is 18 months old making our life reasonable for living…

An Open letter to my life – my daughter

Dear my life,

It’s been a year you came into my life and became my life.

I never been so happy in my 32 years of life. As like others I used to say ‘The best days are my school days, which cannot be replaced’. You vanished my belief and conquered my entire life, each and every nano seconds are the best of best when you are with me.

I am not sure when or whether you are going to read this blog. But I like to express my thoughts here.,

I always say a story to you despite you understands or not, how you came to the earth and to us. Your mommy may thinks that as a fantasy story, but I believe that’s true. You are miracle, I believe in it whenever I cradle you in my arm first and almost every time.

It’s been already a year, and obviously time will runs faster and in blink of seconds, you will be grown and will be having different circle around you as friends and that time relations will become low priority. I came across those paths, so I understand that it’s obvious.


I likes to be your father, when you want me as father.

I likes to be your brother, when you want me as brother.

I likes to be your friend, when you want me as friend.

I likes to be your son, when you want me as son.

Fit me in any role how you want to see me before you read further. Because ADVICE is like a FREEWARE everyone likes to give to others. Even though you receive n number of advises it obviously YOU who needs to decide by whom and what ADVICE you are going to receive and accept.

Again, I hate to give advice, as I like to receive one. My algorithm is simple “LIVE, EXPLORE AND LEARN FROM IT”. But few of the myths already made in this universe, which I don’t believe in. I would like to open up those with you.


I remember when I start my first HTML program in my school days, “Hello World!” That’s all I have an idea about this WORLD when I was in my school days. But when I get into higher grades, everyone started to push me to get marks as this is competitive world; you need to win always to become successful.

Believe me, this is NOT a competitive world to compete; you don’t need to earn more money and having millions of dollars in bank account to be successful.

This is just a BEAUTIFUL world where you have to live, explore and build your love and compassion to others. Success – it doesn’t belong to money or fame. Success means likes yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.


Learn what you wish to learn. Don’t think about the academic syllabus that just gives you mark, learn from surroundings, learn from the books which give good moral. learn from the people – that’s the knowledge. I still don’t understand why I have studied about history in my school days to work in an IT industry, now I can google it if I want to know about what happened in 17th century.

If you wish to know about Math go to shop with Cash, coupons. There you understand the percentage of savings, dollars of savings.

If you wish to know about electrical, just remove your ceiling fan and get to know what motor they are using.

If you wish to know about Automobile, just visit to an automobile garage and see what they are doing and try to help them. That teaches you more than a book.

Finally, If you wish to learn, allow yourself to do the mistakes that give you a better lesson than anything else.


Don’t read people whether they are good or bad. Because GOOD or BAD is not a noun to describe a person, it’s a character which changes based on circumstance. A person can be good today on your point of view, might be bad to other’s point of view.

Perfection is not possible by human being, accept that fact. If your friend is doing a mistake, ready to forgive them. If you are the one doing the mistake, ready to ask SORRY to them. Don’t judge anyone by look. Beauty only gets attention. Personality is what captures the heart.


When there is a problem, there is a solution. Don’t run away/ ignore the problem. Running away from any problem only increases the distance from the solution. Be ready to face the problem, because when you don’t face a problem you never going to be matured enough to face when it comes back again.

Facing problems and working through them, that’s what makes you strong.

You are a miracle, believe in it. When you face the problems with your beautiful smile it vanishes quickly.


You are blessed to be a part of this world. Life is meant to be lived as a celebration. Don’t run behind anything, just be calm and celebrate the life which you are living. Take time to celebrate things in your life, the new job, anniversaries and even small wins. Life is as special as we make it.

No matter what is happening in your life, you can always choose to be happy. You choose happiness by accepting what it is, as it is.

As you know, this is what I often tells you, register this





Your best friend Your Daddy.

Being Infertile

I was happily married in June 2011 with lots of dreams and looking forward to see new venture in my life. In married life, the biggest happiness for most of the women is to be promoted as a mom. When that doesn’t happen for u then u will be shattered in pieces.

Infertility causes a lot of heartbreak, sorrow and unhappiness.


I hate having to see myself to grieve over the fact that I can’t have a child.
I hate seeing my husband’s sorrow, because he doesn’t have a child to play with, someone whom he can toss high in the air. This breaks my heart, when I see him looking wistfully at other dads playing with their kids.
I hate when my friends and family members say cruel and unkind things like – why don’t you just adopt? This doesn’t mean I don’t like adoption, but it’s too early for us to get adopted before even try ourself, Or why don’t you do IVF. They do not realize how difficult, emotionally draining that can be. Especially I hate to see even our friends turns their original color and even our own family sometimes talk at our back.
Finally I really hate the fact when people pity on me.

The failed process

As everyone does we also started to see some gynecologist to find a solution to my problem.
Being infertile is that much big sin for women in this world, because I have faced the infertility for almost 5 years that is the worst pain ever a woman will face physically and mentally.
Even in this world few good people exist, I have seen with my own eyes in those 5 year we learnt lot about the life and we became matured enough to grow our own child. we took this gap for analyzing us and made to realize about the society and many more.
So first they started by checking my normal mensural cycle then some test whether I am ovulating right, my hubby counts are good, some ultra sound, follicular study etc. etc. the test keeps going for months. Then they found that I am having PCOS (they are small cyst in top of the ovaries) they told me that because of this I am not ovulating and couldn’t get pregnant at this point, when I heard I got afraid that I can’t have a baby to cradle in my arms because of the stories we heard from everyone was such.
But my doctor told that they are very normal and more number of women is facing this problem. So we started with trying some prescribed tablets for almost a year but that didn’t have any results on me. Then we switched over to herbal treatment that continued for a year. I almost fed up with these medicines doctors and even with the god. My anger was in the peak and didn’t know really what’s wrong with me.

Here comes the fruit

Here came an angel! We went for an infertility treatment, but I want to be clear here – going to infertility is not that much bad thing, because still in our country it’s very big thing by considering going to infertility we are not getting pregnant normal but the truth is that helps to find exact cause and give the permanent solution. I was in the same boat like others, when my gynecologist told me to go to infertility center I thought I am not going to get pregnant normally so I took a year to reach infertility. But once I stepped in I found that I was absolutely wrong in my thoughts and to be frank they found my real problem and didn’t have a single pill. I just followed my strict diet that to also not special diet I ate what I eat regularly but in correct procedure and quantity adding to this. I did some exercise to reduce my weight that’s it. My doctor gave me a time period of six months to get good result.
So there came time, my six months of diet and 10kgs of weight loss gave me a result. Yes I got pregnant normally with healthy baby. Now my baby is one year old I believe in miracles and my baby is also a miracle baby. It helps me to get pregnant normally, there are many women still feeling shy to step inside infertility or even say that word. Women’s out there still scared of society, please break those walls and come out. This society will speak either way even if we are infertile or going to infertility.
I pray to god that there should not be any women struggle due to infertility.

Daily Prompt: Constant

via Daily Prompt: Constant



When I think of constant only one word strikes my mind is ‘change’, in our life we do constantly changing for the place, for the situation, for the circumstances

I never been stick with one mind set, I believe that our mind is like monkey which never stays in one place and constantly swapping our thoughts process. The circumstances will make us to be more flexible and thats the way to live our life.

Change is always constant. Being a daughter few years back, being a wife, now being a mom. This kind of changes make you explore new things and make you to mould in better way.

When we are constant we don’t grow our explore the new world that’s waiting for us. Open up yourself step in to the new world change the thoughts that’s stagnating our minds….

Welcome the ‘change’ because that’s the only thing ‘constant’

‘’If we don’t change, we don’t grow.if we don’t grow, we aren’t really living’’ -ANATOLE FRANCE

Daily Prompt: Compromise


The word compromise is the best solution for many problems between a healthy relationship, when i hear the word compromise i think of many things but i would like to give the good example is between a husband and wife, life is full of compromises sometimes its for good and sometimes to sustain the situation balanced. when i got married and entered a new life there were many fights between me and my husband but a point came were we realized that either one of us should compromise to the other person that’s when we learnt that if i leave and adjust for one situation definitely he will compromise for some other reason one day.

When we love someone so much then we can compromise sometimes for the sake of happiness, me and my husband always compromise for the sake of love.

The word compromise is like give and take…

via Daily Prompt: Compromise

Home – its a FEELING…

I was born and brought up in a small house with my mom dad and younger brother life was very happy even though we had no money or even some days no food… I still remember my mom giving us lunch made with neem flower (I hope everyone knows how bitter neem would taste) but we didn’t care much of our home situation because I had the best family. Being in gypsylike life by living different rented houses from childhood I always dream about to enter my own home in my lifetime.

There came the day that I should get married, first I was very hesitant to get married as we were not financially sound good to get married and second the demands the groom family keeps to us… but luckily there came the hero of my life with his family I still don’t know what made me attracted to him but I liked him in the first sight and there were no demands from them they were absolutely good people I felt that I am going to live my life happily…

This is the time I came to know that I am going to live in our own home wow, more than myself my mom and dad were very happy for me. Only people like us know the value of being in our own home. I have been in the rented home for almost 23 years lots of struggles lots of restriction OMG, there are few restrictions you can’t even imagine. Like Adding fruit on top of ice cream, he just got the new home key before a week of our marriage. It means once I get married we were going to start our new journey in our very own home which was bought with lot of hope and dream.

During my childhood I had lots of gifts given from my friends, those days I used to tell my mom that one day I will be in our own home and save a room for my old gifts and display it in a big showcase that day my mom wish me that let my dream come true one day, finally it came. As soon we got married my hubby bought a big showcase and placed in the hall and I started to display all my gifts I couldn’t believe my own eyes that I have kept and fulfilled my dream.

I had our own room our own design no restriction or no rule it’s all my rule, my own kitchen and my own ideas how to keep them wow those feel can never be expressed through words.

Still that moment entering in our own home lingers in my heart an as fresh as it happened today, that moment always be fresh in my entire life span.

How many ever we buy or build the first will be the best and best ever.

Daddy is getting sculpted

8a6ec54d8244dd24c5cc5d4025ea453cRecently I had a photo shoot (I doubt whether its Photoshoot or Photo shoot, that’s the utmost knowledge I have on that subject) with my 6 months angel and my wife. It took nearly 30 mins to complete entire session with number of snaps mostly using my angel and finally there are few snaps as a family photo. After few mins, they asked me to pick few out of entire snaps to make a portrait. I amaze to see the family photo that I am smiling naturally. My wife literally disgusted to see that smile as it’s hard & impossible to see any of my marriage photos with a smile. I have never been smiling naturally for any of my 30 years of photo collections, which happens now.

I born as dad 6 months back and now I am growing inside with my kid without my knowledge. I could see there is lot of NEVER BEEN moment happens/happening now.

Never been possessive

To let the cat out of the bag – I never consider anyone so special in my life and I have a bad ideology towards life ‘Anything or anyone in this world is a passing cloud’. This ideology getting vanished at the drop of a hat when I meet my angel first time.

Habitually once I reach home after work, I never had any special things to do; just helping with dinner (helping is the better word to use rather ‘preparing dinner’) and watching TV and office work at home this was my pattern. Now a days I am more excited when I get into my home, the first thing I noticed a HUGE smile & giggles from my angel which has no expectation unless to hold her.

She is 6 months now and started sleeping on her own in bed with no cuddling required. But I really want her to cuddle a lot and want her to sleep on me for some time once I reached home; my wife still says to make her lie down and don’t practice to sleep on you. I agree that which is more comfortable to her, but I couldn’t. She is spending the entire day with my wife and I have only few hours, so I want her to be with me. I never have been this much possessive on anyone, I believe now possessiveness is the outcome of true love.

Never been choosy

Shopping – not my cup of tea. When I purchase a dress I usually had a price tag on mind and go any nearby shop, pick something without thinking about what color & what brand it is.

Now I surf a lot online for my angel’s dressing and came to know that’s a big market in online which has multiple options available, but still I am not satisfied. I am very choosy now to pick something for my kid it can be anything dress; diaper; lotion; hair oil even it costs an arm and a leg.

I am thinking best of best for my angel, but at the same time I teach her valuable lessons like you won’t get everything easy in life. Here you may think ‘TEACHING to 6 month Old’??? This is idiotic. I can wait longer to teach academic syllabus to her, but I have to feed life’s valuable lesson from DAY 1, even my wife’s pregnancy time, I believe in that.

Never being in sweet silent mode.

I am calm and reticent. I don’t speak much and most of the time I keep myself in silent mode. I never had been enjoying those silent mode and I have been alone when those silent mode on. In recent days, I am not alone in my silent mode there is one more person involved in my silence.

Each evening after I reach home, I pick up her and, before we do anything, I hug her for a full minute in complete silence. This intimate time we share each day is sacred and one of my favorite parts of being her dad. I would like to do this on her morning time once she started awake before I start to office. She is so busy sleeping at morning time now.

Never been living my life

My wife always says ‘You are not living your life’. I really don’t understand what that means. I am flexible and I don’t know to live like a Mirror. Even someone hurts me; I won’t react to that, because that’s what I am.

I never had a plan for a trip for my own; never thinks to buy something big for me; whatever happens in my life been decided by someone else. I never felt bad about that as I don’t care much about that. When same thing happens to my angel , I realized the real meaning of that  as I have never been living MY life and I am damn sure I am going to let my angel live her own life.,

Everyone says KIDS are like clay, we need to sculpt them. But not only KIDS even as a dad I am getting sculpted day by day, being a sculptor my angel guides me and structured me as a perfect sculpture.

Thanks to my angel for makes me live my life & being my life.,




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