Daily Prompt: Compromise


The word compromise is the best solution for many problems between a healthy relationship, when i hear the word compromise i think of many things but i would like to give the good example is between a husband and wife, life is full of compromises sometimes its for good and sometimes to sustain the situation balanced. when i got married and entered a new life there were many fights between me and my husband but a point came were we realized that either one of us should compromise to the other person that’s when we learnt that if i leave and adjust for one situation definitely he will compromise for some other reason one day.

When we love someone so much then we can compromise sometimes for the sake of happiness, me and my husband always compromise for the sake of love.

The word compromise is like give and take…

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Published by abhibala19

I am mom to my daughter and wife to my hubby, I love to write my life experience and do lots of handwork this is me 😍😁

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