Besan chutney/ Bombay chutney/ kadalaimav chutney/ chickpea flour chutney

This is the recipe I got from my mother in law, from the day I tasted this it became my fav side dish for chapati, it’s the quick and easy to do. It basically need very few ingridients..

Bombay chutney recipe has very similar to indian kadhi recipe, but with a thicker consistency. generally, it is served with south indian breakfast recipes like idli and dosa, but my personal preference would be with deep fried poori or even with chapati for dinner. Typically if i am not in a mood to make some veggie curries , i end up making this recipe. it hardly takes minutes to make this recipe and the only vegetable required is finely chopped tomatoes.

◻Prep time: 5mins
♨️Cooktime: 10 mins
⌛Total time: 15 mins
🍽Servings: 3 servings
⚪Cuisine: South Indian


▫️1/4 cup besan/gram flour
▫️2 cups water
▫️3 tsp oil
▫️1 tsp mustard
▫️1/2 tsp chana dhal
▫️1 or 2 green chili chopped
▫️pinch hing/ asafoetida
▫️few curry leaves
▫️1 inch ginger finely chopped
▫️1/4 tsp turmeric powder
▫️1 tsp chili powder
▫️1 tomato, finely chopped
▫️salt as required


1. Firstly in a bowl add 1/4 cup besan, 1/4 tsp turmeric powder, pinch of hing, 1tsp chili powder, salt, and mix with 2 cups of water without any lumps.



2. In a Kadai heat 3tsp oil and spultter 1tsp mustard, and 1/2tsp chana dhal and few curry leaves.

3. Further add the finely chopped ginger and green chilies.

4. Now add the chopped tomatoes and saute till it gets soft and mushy.

5. Then finally add the besan mixture keeping in low flame.

6. Keep stirring continuously until the mixture combines well and thickens.

7. Finally u can garnish with freshly chopped coriander leaves and serve hot with chapatis,pori, idli or dosas.



  • We can even add chopped onions to add more flavors.
  •  This dish can be used as dip for tortillas and chips.(south Indian dip😋)

This dish is more easy and even can be done in no time, serve with hot chapati.


Daily Prompt: Constant

via Daily Prompt: Constant



When I think of constant only one word strikes my mind is ‘change’, in our life we do constantly changing for the place, for the situation, for the circumstances

I never been stick with one mind set, I believe that our mind is like monkey which never stays in one place and constantly swapping our thoughts process. The circumstances will make us to be more flexible and thats the way to live our life.

Change is always constant. Being a daughter few years back, being a wife, now being a mom. This kind of changes make you explore new things and make you to mould in better way.

When we are constant we don’t grow our explore the new world that’s waiting for us. Open up yourself step in to the new world change the thoughts that’s stagnating our minds….

Welcome the ‘change’ because that’s the only thing ‘constant’

‘’If we don’t change, we don’t grow.if we don’t grow, we aren’t really living’’ -ANATOLE FRANCE

My Baby Girl’s FIRST Amusement Park

This is very spl blog for me mainly I am writing this to keep as a memory for myself as the days go by I feel like some memories are fading away as we are getting so busy and forgetting the old ones as she is doing some thing new.

Yep from the topic itself many could have found what will be in this blog, when we went to Washington d.c. there was a carousel ride for kids and adults when we asked her wether u want to go in this she immediately nod her head and was very excited to ride in that, that’s when we found she is very much interested in these rides.
But unfortunately there was only one ride over there by then I was telling my hubby we should take her some amusement park.

So after coming back we had still cold climate outside we were just waiting for hot hot sun to come out and enjoy outside. So finally we got nice hottest day and added to that it was long weekend💃. So we both discussed few places to take her like six flags(its costly and we were like thinking only she is going to play for that we have to pay for 2adults and 1kid) so we dropped that, then I thought to take to some farms but the season is not full ready for picking or to see farm animals, then we thought of going to beach which has amusement park, so finally me and my hubby came for final conclusion to take her to beach which has amusement park, but here came the twist to which beach we can go we started to search few place only thing in our mind was the place should not be very far from our house. We selected few place and choose one from that, the place we decided was point pleasant beach, yep this is the one which had almost everything we looked in for👍🤩.

So once all were decided my hubby told me the proper plan so that we can enjoy the trip thoroughly, we first planned what we have to take with us as we have a toddler and the spot was to play in beach and in amusement park, so we sort out the things we needed, I am just sharing my needs but this may be helpful for some other new mom who are thinking to go places like this…

1. Blanket or some sheet to spread on beach and sit.
2. Water bottles(when we go outside they will be little expensive)
3. Snacks (like fruits,buscuits,homemade snacks, cookies, bread snadwich).
4. Swim dress for my baby girl. For swim dress I would prefer TARGET STORE they have a such a beautiful collection, do check the link and mainly the cost very less dollar



5. Towel
6. Spare dress
7. Beach toys


8. Beach flip flops
9. Sunscreen
10. Sunglass
11. Milk for my girl

Those are the things I packed for this little trip.

Now let’s come to the story, so we planned everything the night itself and me and my hubby decided that we will finish our lunch in home and go as my baby is picky eater so we decided to eat and go. So in the morning I woke up and prepared very simple lunch and we all got ready but having a baby it’s not easy to start as we have planned. Actaullay we planned to start by around 11 from home, yep your all mind voice are right 🙈🤔, we finally started from home by around 2.30 PM, the beach was like 1hr from home, so we thought we will reach by 3.30. But we got in severe traffic as it was long weekend and most of the people were headed to beach, so finally we reached there around 4.15 PM. We reached there but here the fun begins, as I said before it was long weekend almost I felt like whole NJ was in this beach only, we didnt get parking for almost 45 mins we were like rounding with car in every street for 3 to 4 times, then finally in one street one lady was leaving so we stood at back of them and parked🙄. So when we googled the time for amusement park they have mentioned like its open from 9.00 am to 5.30 PM, so we were like thinking what can we do as we parked the car around 5.15 PM and reached the beach like 5.30 only, so we were so confused like wether to go back home or just go and try, so we decided to go and give a try but fortunately we decided to stay was the good thing we did we walked in so many worries but when we reached the spot we were so happy as there was no closing for beach and amusement park closes by 11.00 PM only.

Here comes the best part to enter the beach there were gate, to enter the beach se have to pay like $10 each person for adult alone and they give like a tag to enter so that means until we have the band on wrist we can stay in the beach. So this is when we found why we didnt get a parking space yessssss the beach is open all night and can stay as long as we have the tag in our wrist.

From there instead of going into beach we thought of taking our baby girl to the amusement park to make her enjoy. So as usual we have to buy tickets to go for all the rides, in the given option we thought of taking a bulk credits so that she can enjoy more so we took like 120 credits for $50 (this is was like more than enough for the rides for her).

The fun part begins here, this was like small amusement park with minimum rides but to he Frank all the rides was worth for each and every penny we spent. There were all kinds of rides for toddlers to adults if they meet the height criteria then they can go for all rides. But for some rides with parents they ride if you are ok.

While we were getting tickets itself my baby started to ask I want to go here there and more. So once we got the tickets we started to have the fun for the first ride alone I went with her, to her growing made me to think more like how fast they are growing already, she is starting to walk alone without holding our hand, but at the same time I was feeling very proud seeing her bold to ride.

So the next she went for like bike ride from this ride she started to sit alone and go, yes she is all grown up and bold and fearless baby already. I thought she will not sit alone or will ask us to sit with her but she never minded us she was like literally telling me I will take care mamma, u go outside. She almost went in all the ride alone only one or two I went with her as those were like acompany with parent.





So we went some rides and came out to have a little snack to get little energy to continue again, so by this time she saw the beach and asked us to go there to beach so we decided to head inside the beach have some relaxing time and munch our snacks and enjoy the waves. For beach also we took few toys for her to play, so my hubby and kutty went to water first age went like she was not afraid and almost went to water but suddenly when the waves hit her she got afraid and came back. So meanwhile she was playing with the beach toys filled with beach water, she loved the water and sand combo as usual like all the kids do.

So after spending some time inside the beach again we walked through the amusement park some rides we didnt go, there were this train it was so good to go as family, then my hubby played some arcade game and won his daughter a big camel and elephant soft toy. She is like holding them all day now and playing with them only 😯🤣. Then there where this swing, a boat, airplane ride and etc etc. We had the best time inside the time went very fast as my baby got so tired and sleepy we thought of winding up and go home.

So while we left we bought yummy ice cream and finished our beautiful beach day. So now again we are planning to go soon again to the same beach to have more fun this time…

I am attaching few pics and videos down here👇 for you guys to enjoy…

I have just attached the website link 👇, do check if u want more info…

Jenkinson’s Boardwalk | Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Boardwalk Home

Potty training toddlers

I just want to write this blog as there are many mommies like me who are still going through this phase. As I also new mommy in this potty training I was so confused how to train my kid without any bribing my kid (really this is one of my biggest nightmare). When I was thinking I thought of seeking other mom ideas through YouTube every one said like they trained their kid in 2days 3 days and in a week or so. I was so surprised how come they train so easily, I am trying for my kid for almost 4 months. I even thought I am trying or doing it wrongly but learnt one thing even in this each and every kids are different in this also.

When I started to think of potty training there were many questions raised in my mind like
1. How my mom trained us and all even without a single diaper?
2. How the past generation like my mom and their mom generation did?
3. How we can train kid very easily in a 2 or 3 days?

These are just sample questions like this many came, even me and my hubby use to talk and come with some ideas (but mostly everything failed🙈).

When we thought to potty train we decided to get the potty for my kid so she will get trained directly in the restroom. Me and my hubby were clear not to buy the separate potty training toilet, as we thought she may think it’s her toy. So we decided to buy the potty seat which we can use in our restroom itself. I am also sharing the link here if some one wants…

From the day we bought we kept inside the toilet only as she must know it’s not play. So from here our potty training journey started, every day when she wakes up from the bed I take her to toilet and make her to pee, she will just pee only one time later she didnt know to tell like this it went for few months. I thought she is going to take ages to learn and tell us. So I left to train for few days and even I got little busy.

So then me and my hubby thought let’s leave now and start while my parents come here so that I will also get some time to train her properly. So my parents came here and after a week or so I told my mom it’s very hard to potty train. There came a magic, when I told my mom she gave few ideas how to train her and what mistake I am doing. First when she told I really got angry that I dont know my kid! I am training her correctly only. This potty training stressed me so much in that stress I acted angry on her. Then slowly she made me understand, that kids should first know the feel of pee, everytime if u put her diaper how she will know, that strikes my mind really hard. S mommies first step in potty train is allow your kind to know the feel, if we leave or kids for few days without diaper they will know.

So I started leave my kid without diaper, first 2 days she didnt know what she was doing, she will pee and sit or stand on that itself. But i use to tell her u have to start telling me when u want to pee, suddenly on 3rd day of training she just jumped from the couch and stood down and pee, it was overwhelming seeing my kid realizing that she wants pee, as soon as she did that we all clapped for her she was on cloud 9. Those claps made her so happy like she won gold medal in her life, from that day she learnt to tell but still not trained fully during her nap and sleep she is wearing diaper. But still she says mamma I need to pee even when she is wearing diaper, I use to tell no problem ur wearing diaper. I was so proud of her just few claps and appreciation is more than enough to train a baby not only for potty for everything in their life.

Slowly for the next step my mom use to take her and stand in the bathroom and told her to pee, first few times she used to cry as if we are forcing some thing new but now a days every one hour once I make her to sit in potty and she goes, I am very so proud of her.

Mommies out their trying to train your kids just one thing I would like to say be patient many accidents happens but take it easy they are just kids they will learn slowly only. Sometimes couch and bed gets damaged but it’s ok, we can change them. But keep on insisting them by encouraging them…

Surprise Baby Shower For Friend

This is a baby shower of my friend who is having her second baby, this baby shower was surprise for her. She didn’t know that we have planned baby shower, we as a group of girls planned this baby shower for a month almost.

Like me she has so many friends who were planning this baby shower. So when we started to speak about baby shower there were many ideas running in my mind like how to make this day more remembered and happy for her. This is the function we friends are doing so I thought it should be good and joyfull. Like me others were also planning many things.

As I had month to plan so I decided i should do something really very spl to her because i like her a lot such a good person really. So i decided to do few surprises by me, first I planned to make one kundan jewlery, second one diaper cake, and one of our favourite sweet(thiratipal) #to be mentioned this sweet was prepared by hubby @sister love, and even I made one sash for her.

Then as a group we made lunch arrangement we each person planned the meal and took responsibility, as I love vathakuzhambuVatha kuzhambu recipe I took the dish, and I love making raitha so these two dishes I did. And others all made one dessert, main dish, starter… the meals were topnotch each person showed their cooking talent.

Then one person managed to book a hall in library and decorated the hall, as this was surprise baby shower we planned everything to be perfect. We all girl planned to be traditional so we all wore saree, all the girls looked stunning in traditional outfit.

We planned to bring mom like telling she is been invited to birthday function of his hubby colleague. We also gave a spl note that the theme is to dress up in traditional attire ,this theme made our work more easy. So with this thought she came and got surprised by the decoration, seeing all the friends and everything. Then we decided to make her ready for baby shower, we gifted her one beautiful saree and made to wore her, then dressed her like princess as this is the day for her.

Then we did nalangu and put bangles, and made her happy to the core. Being alone here leaving family is really difficult, only friends here are family, luckily everyone has a friend here whom we treat them as our own family. After the nalangu there was a surprise dance by the girls, the dance was for 2mins but they rocked it.

Then there was few baby shower games conducted which was fun and enjoyable. Then we took so many beautiful memories through our camera lens.

Then personally I asked my friend by the way her name is thanwi, how did she feel the surprise whether she is happy, the reply she gave made me really happy. She said that she didn’t even realize that this surprise Is for her. She was extremely happy with her baby bump and glowing face this surprise made her more glowing and she was blushing all the time.

Me and thanwi were neighbours in our old place, we never meet very often as I had a baby when me both met, but we speak occasionally but we had good bonding between us. Even her hubby is sweet and good person the only person I called Anna for Ibrahim Anna only. Overall this total family is the best.

Finally I would like to mention one of the main person is Ranjani who organized this baby shower from the top to bottom and made it to happen perfectly without any confusions. She was the one took who in charge of arranging and giving responsibity to each and every one. I would like to thank her and and all the girls who made this day best for thanwi.

I pray for her healthy and happy delivery, I wish all the best for her journey with newborn. May God bless you and your beautiful family.


Vatha kuzhambu recipe

Omg how can I start to describe this recipe, this recipe is kind of tangy, spicy and oil floating on top wow yummy and mouthwatering gravy. At least one time in a week it will be in my lunch menu for sure😁.

Prep time: 30 mins
Serves: 4


Gingerly oil: 2tbsp
Tamarind: lemon size
Green chilies: 2
Onions: 1 medium size
Tomatoes: 2 small size
Manathakkali: 2tsp (optional)
Curry leaves: few
Kulambu/ Sambar podi: 2tsp
Turmeric powder: 1/2tsp

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To temper:
Mustard seeds: 1tsp
Fenugreek: 1tsp


– slice the onions nice thin or chunky the way u want, chop the tomatoes, green chilies.

– In a heavy bottom pan heat the gingerly oil, once the oil is hot add the mustard seed, fenugreek, manathakkali and fry them.


– add the green chilies, onions and fry them until they are translucent.


– once onions are cooked add the tomatoes and cook them till they are soft and mushy.

– it’s the time to add the the tamarind extract, turmeric powder, kulambu podi, salt and boil till the raw smell goes.

– cook the kulambu nicely until the oil separates and gets thicker.


That’s all super yummy spicy and tangy kulambu is perfectly ready to eat with hot rice.


– U can use garlic also, as my hubby doesn’t like garlic so I don’t use.

– in here I used Aachi kulambu podi for this recipe I sometimes use my mom made sambar podi also.

– to get restuarant taste add a piece of Jaggery at the end…

– while eating just add little gingerly oil to add more flavor to your rice.


This is the most easy recipe and can be best for cold season, it’s southindia soup either can be drank or mixed and eat with hot rice. Back in my home we use to prepare every day for lunch. This is so basic rasam but it tastes so delicious while preparing itself the aroma will surround the house.

Prep time: 15 mins
Serves: 2


Tamarind extract: 1/2cup
Tomato: 1small
Rasam powder: 1 1/2tspIyengar Rasam powder
Salt: to taste
Asofetedia: 1/4tsp
Turmeric powder: 1/4 tsp
Thoor dhal: boiled water 1/2 cup

To temper:

Mustard” 1/2tsp
Jeera: 1/2 tsp

To garnish:
Curry leaves: few
Coriander leaves: fistfull nicely chopped


– In a bowl take the tamarind extract, tomota and smash nicely with your hand( if u smash with your hand it will be nice)

– Then in the tamarind water add adofetidia, turmeric powder, rasam powder, salt and give a stir and bring to boil.

– boil the rasam till it becomes frothy once the frothy layer comes add the dhal water and turn it off.

– then add the curry leaves and coriander leaves.

– Temper the mustard and cumin seeds in hot ghee and pour it in rasam.

In few mins we can prepare yummy and hot rasam, Serve it with hot rice most delicious dish.

Iyengar Rasam powder

This is aromatic powder made with dhal and some spice to make flavorful rasam. This is my grandmother recipe it has more flavor and the recipe is carried for generations.

Prep time: 10 mins


Coriander seeds: 3 cups
Thor dhal: 1 cup
Red chilli: 20
Jeera: 1/2 cup
Pepper corn: 1/2 cup
Turmeric powder: 1/2tsp

Preparation of Rasam powder:

– Just dry roast all the ingridients, do not burn it just until it becomes warm. It’s just an alternate of keeping under the sun.

– Then grind them mixer all coarsely..(I personally grind little soft as my baby eats rasam rice).

Very easy and simple recipe, in mins ur rasam powder will be ready so that u can have yummy and hot rasam every day.

For the rasam recipe pls do click hereRasam/Saatrumudhu.pls do try this recipe and share in your comments.




– While grinding u can also add some dried curry leaves.
– Even u can avoid adding turmeric powder, so that it won’t spoil soon.(this is the tip from mother in law)

To the men who raise their hand‼️

This is kind of serious issue most of the women facing now, I have not had the courage to speak about this topic on public for many years😒. But this is the common issue every 9/10 women facing all over the world.

When I started to think writing this topic the first lines that popped up in my mind is my hubby voice📣, when ever we discuss this topic he always use to tell me that the men who raise their hands are not men, I think it’s really true. To show their manliness this is not the way, there are many other good ways to show like supporting wife in their life, supporting family👪…

I don’t blame all the men in the world but there are many men in this world still raising their hands on women. I feel very pity for those men how ashamed they must feel to raise their hands.

I am from very average family based girl who has seen almost many situations in my house but till day I have not seen my dad raising his hand on my mom, they fight to the core they have all kind of middle class family issues but my dad never lost his temper and raised his hand. I feel proud to say my daddy is good gentleman. Next coming to my in laws family this is the most beautiful side, my father in law is like the best Male I would say, up to my knowledge he never lost his temper at any place. My hubby he is the best, as I said before he is very against to raising hand, still we fight to core but never ever lost his temper.

To the men who raise their hand should know one thing that women are not the weaker sex as you all think, they are powerful than a men they are strong enough to give birth for another human through their body. That much strong enough they are, as they dont raise on hand back is not like they are afraid to, they are just maintaining the peace in their life. If they raise back their hand then no men can have a peaceful life, we are not afraid for anything neither the society because they speak what ever we do.

I have myself seen many women who still get beatings and cry and maintain calm as they have kids to take care, but those calm never goes on entire life one day they burst out to the extreme core where men can not tolright their anger.

Generally there is a say that words are more powerful than the beatings but up to me both are more powerful as we can not forget that incident. The beatings and the harsh words are always wrong before speaking or raising hand one should think how we will face them the next day. We may act casually as if nothing happened but deep down your heart and at the back of ur head u keep on thinking those things it never fades.

I would like to say to the society that don’t ever peep in to others life, because people are considering more powerful of you than their own life. Women out there be bold to face all kind of situation don’t allow men to raise their hand on you because we are not born to get beatings from them, we are born to achieve some thing in this world.

When a baby girl is born in a family they praise them, adore them, safe them, treat like a princess, gratify them as we are their happiness. But the day they get married they are treated bad sometimes, many girls out their would have never ever got beatings from their parents but they are getting after getting married. To men out there we never wanted you guys to treat us like a princess but just treat us like a human being, we don’t want any expensive gifts or pleasure just a happy and peaceful life.

Is this more to ask? because we are the persons who is going to show the Ray’s of light for the future generation so we should be careful in passing are generosity. Because these followers are going to be next society where we want to preach them the good path not the worst path.

To the women who are suffering don’t roll up in tears just come out with more courage if men raise their hand just u raise back don’t get afraid of the society are ur family they know u well, they know that you are doing this to change the way the life goes.

I personally salute the women out there who are still getting beatings and still getting up and doing their duties.

We the women are always the best and more powerful and stronger than men…



The Best Money Saving Apps

This is the blog for the house wives and the persons who really wants to save money for their personal use.. as I am a housewife I really depend on my hubby even to get gift for his bday and our anniversary really crazy right I know, getting him gift by getting money from him💔🤣, I really felt bad and started to think how to save money for my personal use… there popped up these apps for saving money really a life saver😍👌…

Okay I really started using these apps by 2015 when I started I really didn’t know how to use them or how to save money in this,this went for almost 3 month or so, then I learnt slowly what’s really they are doing and whether they are reliable and everything….

There are many many apps for saving money but I choose by seeing the reviews, their ratings, quality and reliability. So now it’s almost 3years I am ready to share with you all. These are the apps that will do good in USA not in India for sure. I am not sure of any other countries, so if u want to try whether it works in your country pls do check the apps..

Ok now let’s come to the apps that I was talking all the way through, before getting in to the apps I want to tell that these apps gives u point or cash when u refer a friend, So I am also sharing my referral code if u want to use.

1. Ibotta

This is the rebates app that will pay when u buy the things and snap a pic of the receipt and get the reward. U can just download the app from play store or app store. Or u can just use this link


2. Receipt hog

This is my most favourite app that I have ever used, this is very simple app they give points for the receipts. They accept all kind of receipts, the thing we should really do is just take a picture of the receipt through the app and wait for the rewards to grow. Download the app from play store or app store.

3. Panel app

This is the survey app, they just give u some surveys to fill out most of the surveys are like from the places u visited and some are like even general surveys. Download app through play store or app store.


4. Qumee


This is also surveys app which gives variety of opinion surveys pls do check this app in play store or app store.

5. Fetch rewards


This is kind of rebate app which gives points for particular products once u buy. For the first time u log in they will give good points for the grocery receipt. Download this app from app store or play store, you can also use this link this is my referral code…


6. Dabbl

This is one cool app which gives wide range of surveys, it’s so cool I am just using this app for just 3 months they give nice cash I have already tried taking out cash. Download this app in app store or play store.


7. Checkout 51

This is also rebate app you have to check whether ur grocery receipt has any rebate for the item u have purchased. It has wide range of rebates do try them. Download this app in app store or play store.


8. Survey monkey


This is the survey app, when u attend a survey they give u cash. Not all surveys are qualified but mostly we get good cash. This also my very recent find it seems so good so far.

9. Surveys on the go

This is the survey app, they give good amount of surveys and pays good cash for each survey. As I said not every surveys are paid but its good app. I have been using this app for more than 2 years now I already withdraw decent cash from this. Download this app from app store or play store.

This app pays me cash to take surveys. You should try it! http://www.mysotg.com

10. Google opinion rewards

This is the best app I have ever tried they give surveys based on your places you have visited recently. If ur using android then u can use the cash for play store if u use iOS then u can redeem through PayPal. Its actually so good this is the app I am using very recently.


There are many variety of saving apps that people are using crazy, but these are the apps I personally use to save some money. I love them all and the way they works really good for me.

My 2018 Sweet Journey

This year was amazing as every other year was, this whole year had many beautiful days and of course some of the bad days also, if there is no happy and sad days then it’s not life right😂. There were so many beautiful days through out this 2018,this year is kind of close to my heart❤️, to be frank from 2016 all the years are so special to me..

This is the year my baby has started to walk, which was very very special to me. Those first steps were milestone for me and for her from the time she kept her first step she is keeping on running and making us to run at back of her🤣,then we moved to new place and new home which is more fun but still i miss our old place and some people who were close to our heart like family.

This year we went to some amazing trip to visit our friend and her babies and also went for beautiful fall trip which was absolutely mind blowing and this trip was kind of first family trip after baby was born, the whole trip my little angel was so supportive and had nice break from lots of pressure back home… Even we went some local places to admire the garden filled with flowers, and few other places👌

This year was also so bad that my hubby got very sick and   Went to ER to check for him, but still he is facing some health issues but hope it will become okay soon😒.

Moving to new place we were able to get some amazing friends and having new friends are always happy and fun as we learn some new things to surf through.

This year is also one of my most favorite year as my parents made the step to get their passports and got their visitors visa to USA,😄 yep that means they are visiting soon next year 2019.

This year we enjoyed every occasion and made every occasion so special to us, this year we explored explored some new things even writing blog started this year only which was also one way of exploring in words, i think i made a 0.1% achievement yet more to go.

I think like this year every year is going to be so awesome and many things we will cross. Every year we will be learning many things which will mold us more better. As every year i am not going to take any oath because i know i couldn’t follow it so i would go in the path how it leads me.

I wish everyone in the world a very happy new year and new beginning for a new life that’s waiting to invite us all inside with bare and empty handed and mind…

                      “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019”CollageMaker Plus_201912173833258.png


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