The Best Money Saving Apps

This is the blog for the house wives and the persons who really wants to save money for their personal use.. as I am a housewife I really depend on my hubby even to get gift for his bday and our anniversary really crazy right I know, getting him gift by getting money from him💔🤣, I really felt bad and started to think how to save money for my personal use… there popped up these apps for saving money really a life saver😍👌…

Okay I really started using these apps by 2015 when I started I really didn’t know how to use them or how to save money in this,this went for almost 3 month or so, then I learnt slowly what’s really they are doing and whether they are reliable and everything….

There are many many apps for saving money but I choose by seeing the reviews, their ratings, quality and reliability. So now it’s almost 3years I am ready to share with you all. These are the apps that will do good in USA not in India for sure. I am not sure of any other countries, so if u want to try whether it works in your country pls do check the apps..

Ok now let’s come to the apps that I was talking all the way through, before getting in to the apps I want to tell that these apps gives u point or cash when u refer a friend, So I am also sharing my referral code if u want to use.

1. Ibotta

This is the rebates app that will pay when u buy the things and snap a pic of the receipt and get the reward. U can just download the app from play store or app store. Or u can just use this link

2. Receipt hog

This is my most favourite app that I have ever used, this is very simple app they give points for the receipts. They accept all kind of receipts, the thing we should really do is just take a picture of the receipt through the app and wait for the rewards to grow. Download the app from play store or app store.

3. Panel app

This is the survey app, they just give u some surveys to fill out most of the surveys are like from the places u visited and some are like even general surveys. Download app through play store or app store.

4. Qumee


This is also surveys app which gives variety of opinion surveys pls do check this app in play store or app store.

5. Fetch rewards


This is kind of rebate app which gives points for particular products once u buy. For the first time u log in they will give good points for the grocery receipt. Download this app from app store or play store, you can also use this link this is my referral code…

6. Dabbl

This is one cool app which gives wide range of surveys, it’s so cool I am just using this app for just 3 months they give nice cash I have already tried taking out cash. Download this app in app store or play store.

7. Checkout 51

This is also rebate app you have to check whether ur grocery receipt has any rebate for the item u have purchased. It has wide range of rebates do try them. Download this app in app store or play store.

8. Survey monkey


This is the survey app, when u attend a survey they give u cash. Not all surveys are qualified but mostly we get good cash. This also my very recent find it seems so good so far.

9. Surveys on the go

This is the survey app, they give good amount of surveys and pays good cash for each survey. As I said not every surveys are paid but its good app. I have been using this app for more than 2 years now I already withdraw decent cash from this. Download this app from app store or play store.

This app pays me cash to take surveys. You should try it!

10. Google opinion rewards

This is the best app I have ever tried they give surveys based on your places you have visited recently. If ur using android then u can use the cash for play store if u use iOS then u can redeem through PayPal. Its actually so good this is the app I am using very recently.

There are many variety of saving apps that people are using crazy, but these are the apps I personally use to save some money. I love them all and the way they works really good for me.


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One thought on “The Best Money Saving Apps

  1. Super thanks for this blog post abhi. I am gonna do all and hope next time I can buy things myself 😂🥳
    Keep up such a great and valuable work. 😊


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