My Baby Girl’s FIRST Amusement Park

This is very spl blog for me mainly I am writing this to keep as a memory for myself as the days go by I feel like some memories are fading away as we are getting so busy and forgetting the old ones as she is doing some thing new.

Yep from the topic itself many could have found what will be in this blog, when we went to Washington d.c. there was a carousel ride for kids and adults when we asked her wether u want to go in this she immediately nod her head and was very excited to ride in that, that’s when we found she is very much interested in these rides.
But unfortunately there was only one ride over there by then I was telling my hubby we should take her some amusement park.

So after coming back we had still cold climate outside we were just waiting for hot hot sun to come out and enjoy outside. So finally we got nice hottest day and added to that it was long weekend💃. So we both discussed few places to take her like six flags(its costly and we were like thinking only she is going to play for that we have to pay for 2adults and 1kid) so we dropped that, then I thought to take to some farms but the season is not full ready for picking or to see farm animals, then we thought of going to beach which has amusement park, so finally me and my hubby came for final conclusion to take her to beach which has amusement park, but here came the twist to which beach we can go we started to search few place only thing in our mind was the place should not be very far from our house. We selected few place and choose one from that, the place we decided was point pleasant beach, yep this is the one which had almost everything we looked in for👍🤩.

So once all were decided my hubby told me the proper plan so that we can enjoy the trip thoroughly, we first planned what we have to take with us as we have a toddler and the spot was to play in beach and in amusement park, so we sort out the things we needed, I am just sharing my needs but this may be helpful for some other new mom who are thinking to go places like this…

1. Blanket or some sheet to spread on beach and sit.
2. Water bottles(when we go outside they will be little expensive)
3. Snacks (like fruits,buscuits,homemade snacks, cookies, bread snadwich).
4. Swim dress for my baby girl. For swim dress I would prefer TARGET STORE they have a such a beautiful collection, do check the link and mainly the cost very less dollar

5. Towel
6. Spare dress
7. Beach toys

8. Beach flip flops
9. Sunscreen
10. Sunglass
11. Milk for my girl

Those are the things I packed for this little trip.

Now let’s come to the story, so we planned everything the night itself and me and my hubby decided that we will finish our lunch in home and go as my baby is picky eater so we decided to eat and go. So in the morning I woke up and prepared very simple lunch and we all got ready but having a baby it’s not easy to start as we have planned. Actaullay we planned to start by around 11 from home, yep your all mind voice are right 🙈🤔, we finally started from home by around 2.30 PM, the beach was like 1hr from home, so we thought we will reach by 3.30. But we got in severe traffic as it was long weekend and most of the people were headed to beach, so finally we reached there around 4.15 PM. We reached there but here the fun begins, as I said before it was long weekend almost I felt like whole NJ was in this beach only, we didnt get parking for almost 45 mins we were like rounding with car in every street for 3 to 4 times, then finally in one street one lady was leaving so we stood at back of them and parked🙄. So when we googled the time for amusement park they have mentioned like its open from 9.00 am to 5.30 PM, so we were like thinking what can we do as we parked the car around 5.15 PM and reached the beach like 5.30 only, so we were so confused like wether to go back home or just go and try, so we decided to go and give a try but fortunately we decided to stay was the good thing we did we walked in so many worries but when we reached the spot we were so happy as there was no closing for beach and amusement park closes by 11.00 PM only.

Here comes the best part to enter the beach there were gate, to enter the beach se have to pay like $10 each person for adult alone and they give like a tag to enter so that means until we have the band on wrist we can stay in the beach. So this is when we found why we didnt get a parking space yessssss the beach is open all night and can stay as long as we have the tag in our wrist.

From there instead of going into beach we thought of taking our baby girl to the amusement park to make her enjoy. So as usual we have to buy tickets to go for all the rides, in the given option we thought of taking a bulk credits so that she can enjoy more so we took like 120 credits for $50 (this is was like more than enough for the rides for her).

The fun part begins here, this was like small amusement park with minimum rides but to he Frank all the rides was worth for each and every penny we spent. There were all kinds of rides for toddlers to adults if they meet the height criteria then they can go for all rides. But for some rides with parents they ride if you are ok.

While we were getting tickets itself my baby started to ask I want to go here there and more. So once we got the tickets we started to have the fun for the first ride alone I went with her, to her growing made me to think more like how fast they are growing already, she is starting to walk alone without holding our hand, but at the same time I was feeling very proud seeing her bold to ride.

So the next she went for like bike ride from this ride she started to sit alone and go, yes she is all grown up and bold and fearless baby already. I thought she will not sit alone or will ask us to sit with her but she never minded us she was like literally telling me I will take care mamma, u go outside. She almost went in all the ride alone only one or two I went with her as those were like acompany with parent.





So we went some rides and came out to have a little snack to get little energy to continue again, so by this time she saw the beach and asked us to go there to beach so we decided to head inside the beach have some relaxing time and munch our snacks and enjoy the waves. For beach also we took few toys for her to play, so my hubby and kutty went to water first age went like she was not afraid and almost went to water but suddenly when the waves hit her she got afraid and came back. So meanwhile she was playing with the beach toys filled with beach water, she loved the water and sand combo as usual like all the kids do.

So after spending some time inside the beach again we walked through the amusement park some rides we didnt go, there were this train it was so good to go as family, then my hubby played some arcade game and won his daughter a big camel and elephant soft toy. She is like holding them all day now and playing with them only 😯🤣. Then there where this swing, a boat, airplane ride and etc etc. We had the best time inside the time went very fast as my baby got so tired and sleepy we thought of winding up and go home.

So while we left we bought yummy ice cream and finished our beautiful beach day. So now again we are planning to go soon again to the same beach to have more fun this time…

I am attaching few pics and videos down here👇 for you guys to enjoy…

I have just attached the website link 👇, do check if u want more info…

Jenkinson’s Boardwalk | Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Boardwalk Home


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