Potty training toddlers

I just want to write this blog as there are many mommies like me who are still going through this phase. As I also new mommy in this potty training I was so confused how to train my kid without any bribing my kid (really this is one of my biggest nightmare). When I was thinking I thought of seeking other mom ideas through YouTube every one said like they trained their kid in 2days 3 days and in a week or so. I was so surprised how come they train so easily, I am trying for my kid for almost 4 months. I even thought I am trying or doing it wrongly but learnt one thing even in this each and every kids are different in this also.

When I started to think of potty training there were many questions raised in my mind like
1. How my mom trained us and all even without a single diaper?
2. How the past generation like my mom and their mom generation did?
3. How we can train kid very easily in a 2 or 3 days?

These are just sample questions like this many came, even me and my hubby use to talk and come with some ideas (but mostly everything failed🙈).

When we thought to potty train we decided to get the potty for my kid so she will get trained directly in the restroom. Me and my hubby were clear not to buy the separate potty training toilet, as we thought she may think it’s her toy. So we decided to buy the potty seat which we can use in our restroom itself. I am also sharing the link here if some one wants…

From the day we bought we kept inside the toilet only as she must know it’s not play. So from here our potty training journey started, every day when she wakes up from the bed I take her to toilet and make her to pee, she will just pee only one time later she didnt know to tell like this it went for few months. I thought she is going to take ages to learn and tell us. So I left to train for few days and even I got little busy.

So then me and my hubby thought let’s leave now and start while my parents come here so that I will also get some time to train her properly. So my parents came here and after a week or so I told my mom it’s very hard to potty train. There came a magic, when I told my mom she gave few ideas how to train her and what mistake I am doing. First when she told I really got angry that I dont know my kid! I am training her correctly only. This potty training stressed me so much in that stress I acted angry on her. Then slowly she made me understand, that kids should first know the feel of pee, everytime if u put her diaper how she will know, that strikes my mind really hard. S mommies first step in potty train is allow your kind to know the feel, if we leave or kids for few days without diaper they will know.

So I started leave my kid without diaper, first 2 days she didnt know what she was doing, she will pee and sit or stand on that itself. But i use to tell her u have to start telling me when u want to pee, suddenly on 3rd day of training she just jumped from the couch and stood down and pee, it was overwhelming seeing my kid realizing that she wants pee, as soon as she did that we all clapped for her she was on cloud 9. Those claps made her so happy like she won gold medal in her life, from that day she learnt to tell but still not trained fully during her nap and sleep she is wearing diaper. But still she says mamma I need to pee even when she is wearing diaper, I use to tell no problem ur wearing diaper. I was so proud of her just few claps and appreciation is more than enough to train a baby not only for potty for everything in their life.

Slowly for the next step my mom use to take her and stand in the bathroom and told her to pee, first few times she used to cry as if we are forcing some thing new but now a days every one hour once I make her to sit in potty and she goes, I am very so proud of her.

Mommies out their trying to train your kids just one thing I would like to say be patient many accidents happens but take it easy they are just kids they will learn slowly only. Sometimes couch and bed gets damaged but it’s ok, we can change them. But keep on insisting them by encouraging them…


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