Surprise Baby Shower For Friend

This is a baby shower of my friend who is having her second baby, this baby shower was surprise for her. She didn’t know that we have planned baby shower, we as a group of girls planned this baby shower for a month almost.

Like me she has so many friends who were planning this baby shower. So when we started to speak about baby shower there were many ideas running in my mind like how to make this day more remembered and happy for her. This is the function we friends are doing so I thought it should be good and joyfull. Like me others were also planning many things.

As I had month to plan so I decided i should do something really very spl to her because i like her a lot such a good person really. So i decided to do few surprises by me, first I planned to make one kundan jewlery, second one diaper cake, and one of our favourite sweet(thiratipal) #to be mentioned this sweet was prepared by hubby @sister love, and even I made one sash for her.

Then as a group we made lunch arrangement we each person planned the meal and took responsibility, as I love vathakuzhambuVatha kuzhambu recipe I took the dish, and I love making raitha so these two dishes I did. And others all made one dessert, main dish, starter… the meals were topnotch each person showed their cooking talent.

Then one person managed to book a hall in library and decorated the hall, as this was surprise baby shower we planned everything to be perfect. We all girl planned to be traditional so we all wore saree, all the girls looked stunning in traditional outfit.

We planned to bring mom like telling she is been invited to birthday function of his hubby colleague. We also gave a spl note that the theme is to dress up in traditional attire ,this theme made our work more easy. So with this thought she came and got surprised by the decoration, seeing all the friends and everything. Then we decided to make her ready for baby shower, we gifted her one beautiful saree and made to wore her, then dressed her like princess as this is the day for her.

Then we did nalangu and put bangles, and made her happy to the core. Being alone here leaving family is really difficult, only friends here are family, luckily everyone has a friend here whom we treat them as our own family. After the nalangu there was a surprise dance by the girls, the dance was for 2mins but they rocked it.

Then there was few baby shower games conducted which was fun and enjoyable. Then we took so many beautiful memories through our camera lens.

Then personally I asked my friend by the way her name is thanwi, how did she feel the surprise whether she is happy, the reply she gave made me really happy. She said that she didn’t even realize that this surprise Is for her. She was extremely happy with her baby bump and glowing face this surprise made her more glowing and she was blushing all the time.

Me and thanwi were neighbours in our old place, we never meet very often as I had a baby when me both met, but we speak occasionally but we had good bonding between us. Even her hubby is sweet and good person the only person I called Anna for Ibrahim Anna only. Overall this total family is the best.

Finally I would like to mention one of the main person is Ranjani who organized this baby shower from the top to bottom and made it to happen perfectly without any confusions. She was the one took who in charge of arranging and giving responsibity to each and every one. I would like to thank her and and all the girls who made this day best for thanwi.

I pray for her healthy and happy delivery, I wish all the best for her journey with newborn. May God bless you and your beautiful family.



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2 thoughts on “Surprise Baby Shower For Friend

  1. Abhi,
    Thanks for writing up this blog. Yes, it was a big surprise to me. Very well organised with room full of friends, their wishes and prayers. I felt a loving warmth and was very happy throughout the evening. Thanks for organizing and making it one of the most memorable day.



  2. So nice abhi. You are such beautiful person inside out. I love the organization.
    Keep up doing good work ❤️❤️


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