My 2018 Sweet Journey

This year was amazing as every other year was, this whole year had many beautiful days and of course some of the bad days also, if there is no happy and sad days then it’s not life right😂. There were so many beautiful days through out this 2018,this year is kind of close to my heart❤️, to be frank from 2016 all the years are so special to me..

This is the year my baby has started to walk, which was very very special to me. Those first steps were milestone for me and for her from the time she kept her first step she is keeping on running and making us to run at back of her🤣,then we moved to new place and new home which is more fun but still i miss our old place and some people who were close to our heart like family.

This year we went to some amazing trip to visit our friend and her babies and also went for beautiful fall trip which was absolutely mind blowing and this trip was kind of first family trip after baby was born, the whole trip my little angel was so supportive and had nice break from lots of pressure back home… Even we went some local places to admire the garden filled with flowers, and few other places👌

This year was also so bad that my hubby got very sick and   Went to ER to check for him, but still he is facing some health issues but hope it will become okay soon😒.

Moving to new place we were able to get some amazing friends and having new friends are always happy and fun as we learn some new things to surf through.

This year is also one of my most favorite year as my parents made the step to get their passports and got their visitors visa to USA,😄 yep that means they are visiting soon next year 2019.

This year we enjoyed every occasion and made every occasion so special to us, this year we explored explored some new things even writing blog started this year only which was also one way of exploring in words, i think i made a 0.1% achievement yet more to go.

I think like this year every year is going to be so awesome and many things we will cross. Every year we will be learning many things which will mold us more better. As every year i am not going to take any oath because i know i couldn’t follow it so i would go in the path how it leads me.

I wish everyone in the world a very happy new year and new beginning for a new life that’s waiting to invite us all inside with bare and empty handed and mind…

                      “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019”CollageMaker Plus_201912173833258.png



Published by Abhibala

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2 thoughts on “My 2018 Sweet Journey

  1. Such a sweet and beautiful post abhi. I love how you write with love.
    May the new year bring all the good things in life you truly deserve. You had an amazing year already & you’re going have another more amazing one!


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