Daily Prompt: Constant

via Daily Prompt: Constant



When I think of constant only one word strikes my mind is ‘change’, in our life we do constantly changing for the place, for the situation, for the circumstances

I never been stick with one mind set, I believe that our mind is like monkey which never stays in one place and constantly swapping our thoughts process. The circumstances will make us to be more flexible and thats the way to live our life.

Change is always constant. Being a daughter few years back, being a wife, now being a mom. This kind of changes make you explore new things and make you to mould in better way.

When we are constant we don’t grow our explore the new world that’s waiting for us. Open up yourself step in to the new world change the thoughts that’s stagnating our minds….

Welcome the ‘change’ because that’s the only thing ‘constant’

‘’If we don’t change, we don’t grow.if we don’t grow, we aren’t really living’’ -ANATOLE FRANCE


Published by abhibala19

I am mom to my daughter and wife to my hubby, I love to write my life experience and do lots of handwork this is me 😍😁

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