Being Infertile

I was happily married in June 2011 with lots of dreams and looking forward to see new venture in my life. In married life, the biggest happiness for most of the women is to be promoted as a mom. When that doesn’t happen for u then u will be shattered in pieces.

Infertility causes a lot of heartbreak, sorrow and unhappiness.


I hate having to see myself to grieve over the fact that I can’t have a child.
I hate seeing my husband’s sorrow, because he doesn’t have a child to play with, someone whom he can toss high in the air. This breaks my heart, when I see him looking wistfully at other dads playing with their kids.
I hate when my friends and family members say cruel and unkind things like – why don’t you just adopt? This doesn’t mean I don’t like adoption, but it’s too early for us to get adopted before even try ourself, Or why don’t you do IVF. They do not realize how difficult, emotionally draining that can be. Especially I hate to see even our friends turns their original color and even our own family sometimes talk at our back.
Finally I really hate the fact when people pity on me.

The failed process

As everyone does we also started to see some gynecologist to find a solution to my problem.
Being infertile is that much big sin for women in this world, because I have faced the infertility for almost 5 years that is the worst pain ever a woman will face physically and mentally.
Even in this world few good people exist, I have seen with my own eyes in those 5 year we learnt lot about the life and we became matured enough to grow our own child. we took this gap for analyzing us and made to realize about the society and many more.
So first they started by checking my normal mensural cycle then some test whether I am ovulating right, my hubby counts are good, some ultra sound, follicular study etc. etc. the test keeps going for months. Then they found that I am having PCOS (they are small cyst in top of the ovaries) they told me that because of this I am not ovulating and couldn’t get pregnant at this point, when I heard I got afraid that I can’t have a baby to cradle in my arms because of the stories we heard from everyone was such.
But my doctor told that they are very normal and more number of women is facing this problem. So we started with trying some prescribed tablets for almost a year but that didn’t have any results on me. Then we switched over to herbal treatment that continued for a year. I almost fed up with these medicines doctors and even with the god. My anger was in the peak and didn’t know really what’s wrong with me.

Here comes the fruit

Here came an angel! We went for an infertility treatment, but I want to be clear here – going to infertility is not that much bad thing, because still in our country it’s very big thing by considering going to infertility we are not getting pregnant normal but the truth is that helps to find exact cause and give the permanent solution. I was in the same boat like others, when my gynecologist told me to go to infertility center I thought I am not going to get pregnant normally so I took a year to reach infertility. But once I stepped in I found that I was absolutely wrong in my thoughts and to be frank they found my real problem and didn’t have a single pill. I just followed my strict diet that to also not special diet I ate what I eat regularly but in correct procedure and quantity adding to this. I did some exercise to reduce my weight that’s it. My doctor gave me a time period of six months to get good result.
So there came time, my six months of diet and 10kgs of weight loss gave me a result. Yes I got pregnant normally with healthy baby. Now my baby is one year old I believe in miracles and my baby is also a miracle baby. It helps me to get pregnant normally, there are many women still feeling shy to step inside infertility or even say that word. Women’s out there still scared of society, please break those walls and come out. This society will speak either way even if we are infertile or going to infertility.
I pray to god that there should not be any women struggle due to infertility.


Published by abhibala19

I am mom to my daughter and wife to my hubby, I love to write my life experience and do lots of handwork this is me 😍😁

15 thoughts on “Being Infertile

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        You can visit to get a better idea of it.


  1. I have been through this unbearable pain. I had problem of PCOD, so it took me 2 years to get pregnant. But my husband and family was my strength in my bad times. For all those going through this pain i will like to suggest that yoga and positive attitude will work wonders for you.
    Have faith in god.😊


  2. Hi Abhi. Thank you for sharing your story. I also have my miracle baby. He is 2 yrs old now. Took us 5 years to conceive. Too many pills and treatments later and finally we were able to conceive. All the best!

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