An Open letter to my life – my daughter

Dear my life,

It’s been a year you came into my life and became my life.

I never been so happy in my 32 years of life. As like others I used to say ‘The best days are my school days, which cannot be replaced’. You vanished my belief and conquered my entire life, each and every nano seconds are the best of best when you are with me.

I am not sure when or whether you are going to read this blog. But I like to express my thoughts here.,

I always say a story to you despite you understands or not, how you came to the earth and to us. Your mommy may thinks that as a fantasy story, but I believe that’s true. You are miracle, I believe in it whenever I cradle you in my arm first and almost every time.

It’s been already a year, and obviously time will runs faster and in blink of seconds, you will be grown and will be having different circle around you as friends and that time relations will become low priority. I came across those paths, so I understand that it’s obvious.


I likes to be your father, when you want me as father.

I likes to be your brother, when you want me as brother.

I likes to be your friend, when you want me as friend.

I likes to be your son, when you want me as son.

Fit me in any role how you want to see me before you read further. Because ADVICE is like a FREEWARE everyone likes to give to others. Even though you receive n number of advises it obviously YOU who needs to decide by whom and what ADVICE you are going to receive and accept.

Again, I hate to give advice, as I like to receive one. My algorithm is simple “LIVE, EXPLORE AND LEARN FROM IT”. But few of the myths already made in this universe, which I don’t believe in. I would like to open up those with you.


I remember when I start my first HTML program in my school days, “Hello World!” That’s all I have an idea about this WORLD when I was in my school days. But when I get into higher grades, everyone started to push me to get marks as this is competitive world; you need to win always to become successful.

Believe me, this is NOT a competitive world to compete; you don’t need to earn more money and having millions of dollars in bank account to be successful.

This is just a BEAUTIFUL world where you have to live, explore and build your love and compassion to others. Success – it doesn’t belong to money or fame. Success means likes yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.


Learn what you wish to learn. Don’t think about the academic syllabus that just gives you mark, learn from surroundings, learn from the books which give good moral. learn from the people – that’s the knowledge. I still don’t understand why I have studied about history in my school days to work in an IT industry, now I can google it if I want to know about what happened in 17th century.

If you wish to know about Math go to shop with Cash, coupons. There you understand the percentage of savings, dollars of savings.

If you wish to know about electrical, just remove your ceiling fan and get to know what motor they are using.

If you wish to know about Automobile, just visit to an automobile garage and see what they are doing and try to help them. That teaches you more than a book.

Finally, If you wish to learn, allow yourself to do the mistakes that give you a better lesson than anything else.


Don’t read people whether they are good or bad. Because GOOD or BAD is not a noun to describe a person, it’s a character which changes based on circumstance. A person can be good today on your point of view, might be bad to other’s point of view.

Perfection is not possible by human being, accept that fact. If your friend is doing a mistake, ready to forgive them. If you are the one doing the mistake, ready to ask SORRY to them. Don’t judge anyone by look. Beauty only gets attention. Personality is what captures the heart.


When there is a problem, there is a solution. Don’t run away/ ignore the problem. Running away from any problem only increases the distance from the solution. Be ready to face the problem, because when you don’t face a problem you never going to be matured enough to face when it comes back again.

Facing problems and working through them, that’s what makes you strong.

You are a miracle, believe in it. When you face the problems with your beautiful smile it vanishes quickly.


You are blessed to be a part of this world. Life is meant to be lived as a celebration. Don’t run behind anything, just be calm and celebrate the life which you are living. Take time to celebrate things in your life, the new job, anniversaries and even small wins. Life is as special as we make it.

No matter what is happening in your life, you can always choose to be happy. You choose happiness by accepting what it is, as it is.

As you know, this is what I often tells you, register this





Your best friend Your Daddy.

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