My Miracle Pregnancy

My title might look weird that’s why a pregnancy supposed to be miracle. But in my case it’s really MIRACLE. I had PCOs and had irregular periods. I believe that a woman gets fulfilled when she gets the promotion as a mom but in my case it took really 5 hard mile stones , I was in a treatment to get pregnant, treatment means nothing big problem just a minor issue due to small reason it took years for me to get pregnant.

I had an doctor appointment for an usual ultra sound to know what’s exactly happening, so we went and they took an ultra sound and told me everything was fine and told us before we proceed for further treatment let’s just take a blood test for pregnancy… in all the frustration I gave a blood test and came while coming back I was in the peak of frustration I even told my hubby there is no god or such things and we were planning to go India for a vacation to be with my mom.

So we came home doing our routine,there came a call from my doctors office so I took the call and the nurse asked me wether it’s Abhilaksha Balaji I said yes and she told me congratulation and u r pregnant I was literally in shock, I asked her whether it’s my name and conformed her back and back in the joy I started to cry and gave the phone to my hubby he was confused y am I crying he thought something happened to someone in India, so he was in a business call but he cut abruptly and spoke to the nurse they told them the news he was so much happy…

We both had tears rolling in our eyes, every time we both have cried out of pain but this time we cried out of happiness… we called our family and one of our close friend to convey this good news… they all felt happy and had a relief from the pain they all went through with us…

The whole nine month of carrying a baby in me was just beautiful no words to explain, I experienced such a wonderful things happening inside my tummy like kick of my baby, hiccups(yes she had lots of hiccups), her joy when I laughed, tickles in first few months, we can add more and more. By this pregnancy I attained more maturity and more responsible as there was another life growing inside me.

But in this pregnancy I learnt one truth that is even though we carry a baby in our womb there is another big role who plays physically and mentally by thinking about the baby future and his/her life in his entire journey to give full satisfaction for the baby that’s none other than the baby’s father. I salute all the men for taking every tantrums that women makes during pregnancy…

I had happy pregnancy and healthy cute little angel now she is 18 months old making our life reasonable for living…


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