Mom and Daughter bonding

Wow the words mom and daughter those words itself gives special smile on every one face. Because I too have a one year baby girl, being a women itself is spl thing, then being a mom is another special thing that too being a mom to daughter is adding extra flavor to our life…

My mom and I used to be very best friend she is such a sweet person, she shares her joy and sorrow with me… sometimes I become mom to her I think this is why mom and daughter relationship are special.

My mommy is very special to me I don’t know how many mom and daughter share a bonding with each other but to me she is the best mom, I have seen few friends of mine whose mothers are like warden they don’t believe their own daughter, but my mom gave me all the freedom and believed in me but that freedom itself became a huge responsibility for me because I should not make her feel wrong… I used to share everything to mom we became close friends.

Sometimes my friends tell me that my mommy is their friend yeah after my marriage I reduced my friends it’s not because of my husband but because of priorities and responsibility taking care of my family, but still now my mom is talking to all my friends I feel proud of her.

She is teacher,a well wisher, grandma for two babies, mom for two kids but more than all these she is a good human.., I love her for being she always, I have never seen her changing her values for anyone, she works hard to give our family joy… I still remember she wakes up by 4.00 AM do all the home chores and start her duty by taking spoken English class by 6.00 AM and finish their and come to school takes class and in the eve tuition she returns home in the night…

When I came to know that I am going to have baby girl I thought I should be like my mom I should teach my girl what my mom thought… all my friends told me u will be like ur mom to ur daughter those words were very enriching me… I hope I may give my girl the values of life given by mom to me…

Mummy u r always best…


Published by abhibala19

I am mom to my daughter and wife to my hubby, I love to write my life experience and do lots of handwork this is me 😍😁

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