Labor and delivery

Oh my god whenever I think of this I am getting chills and goosebumps all over me. labor is always most painful sweet moment, because that’s the only pain that gives immense joy. We start with cry and end with smiles. For my delivery my inlaws came from India to be with me and to welcome their grandchild to this world.

Ok now I get into my story of labor. I was overdue to my labor so my doctor recommended that we have to induce the pain for labor so we picked the date to get admitted and induced. The day came to get admitted for inducing, it was November 24 around 7.00 pm actually it was thanksgiving here.

Once I got admitted they started the procedure for inducing, they did the basic test like fetal heart beat, and checking the baby position, basic ultrasound, and some more tests. That’s when my doctor came to give pain medicine and sleeping pill because it was expected to be long day that I should get rest and be prepared to push.

At this time we decided to send back my inlaws to Home so that they could also get some rest and comes back in the morning, and then my hubby and me had chit chat about the big day and tried to sleep. After few hour we both fell asleep, here comes the trauma we both would have just fell asleep there came my nurse to check something with me and in another few secs I was surrounded by 12 doctors and nurse. My doctor made me to flip both sides and upside down we didn’t really know what’s going on we both were confused they were not telling us what’s going on then after few secs they told us like baby’s heart beat is zero yeah you read it right ZERO, we both were shocked I really didn’t understand what happened and immediately my doctor told we have to do an emergency C-section.

They told my hubby we give you two mins which is to vacate or room and another min for changing the dress to O.R, so meanwhile I was taken to O.R and they started to discuss whether they should give anesthesia or epidural. Before the decision made, my baby heart beat came so they went with epidural, they were prepping me for epidural and they made everything ready at this time my hubby came inside the o.r I was literally in shock and shivering feeling very guilty that I made some mistake. Then my hubby made me calm down and told there is nothing wrong u did while he was telling I heard my baby crying I asked my hubby wether baby is born he told like they have just taken the head and baby is crying I felt overwhelming hearing my baby cry. Once they took baby out my hubby went to check on her.My baby came to this world on Friday early morning 1.23am 😇

After few mins he brought my baby to me and gave in my hands which was like amazing to see her. I couldn’t explain the feeling in words really the doctors their said that she was a dramatic queen. She made everyone crazy in few mins, then they found the cause for heart beat drop when they induced me pain the baby tried to come down at that time baby got stressed out the main reason was her umbilical cord was short in length compare t normal. This is very rare scenario it happens 1 in 5 women’s, but later she came out she was perfect baby she weighed 7lbs and 20 inch long… she was beautiful like a doll very less hair she was pink in color. I cuddled her close to me and told thank u to her for choosing us as her parents and making our life reasonable.

We named our bundle of joy as Diksha Balaji, now she is our world and everything for us.

When I went in to delivery I thought I was the one who had story behind it but that’s not true every women who goes in to labor has one kind of situation and dramas. Big salute to all the doctors and nurses for giving needed help while we are in pain.


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I am mom to my daughter and wife to my hubby, I love to write my life experience and do lots of handwork this is me 😍😁

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