Well-trained Generation

Recently I visited a neighbor home and there was a kid playing with puzzle objects and lot of puzzle books around and the kid’s parents had noble look and very much proud to say

“My kid is just 3 yrs old, but she always loves to play with puzzles and I don’t encourage them to play in any electronic devices”.

I really felt good about them for a moment and suddenly realized there was no toy in their home other than puzzle books. WHAT!! They didn’t even know whether that kid was capable to play with other toys or not. Not only those, most of the parents doing the same kind of activity in the term of making their kids knowledgeable and especially brace them to compete in this world.

We never intentional to teach/train bad things to our kids, but as everyone knew ‘picture paints a thousand words’. Being parents we are the visual representation to our kids when they grew up, so we need to be content when we replicate something to them.

Most of us training our future generation :-

Training 1: Resentful and Angry

For 21st century parents, the term ‘Competitive World’ has been somewhere furnished on their mind.

To compete in this world, everyone thinks their kid should do better than others or sometime with their own siblings. ‘Why my kid is not started crawling yet when others do’, this is where the competition starts.

“We’ve never had this kind of trouble with any of your brothers or sisters.”

“Why can’t you get good marks when your cousin does?”

These comments may be intended to motive, but obviously gives opposite effect. Unfortunately we trained them to resentful and angry toward whom we are comparing with them.

Training 2: Trained to bribe

 “Bribe” – if you think this word only related to adults – Nope.

Bribe starts when you offer ‘Oreo/Candy’ when they do their natural activity. I am not against to treat our kids, but when & what situation. My friend’s kid pushes other kid by mistake and I heard my friend pleased “Can you say sorry to that Kid, I will give Oreo to you”.  A big WHY on my mind.

His kid did a mistake, its good habit to say sorry, but not for Oreo/Candy. Treat your kid like an adult when they do mistakes, I am not asking you to beat them, just maintain silence to them for few hours / don’t allow them to play unless they really felt about their action when they really did some mistake. Silent is a biggest punishment I ever had from my dad.

Everyone get hurt, everyone has feelings, no one is better than other. These are the human values they learns only when they feel Sorry from their heart.

Training 3: Being falsehood

This is one of the very common training most of us do, not intentionally.

“Don’t tell to mom that I got chocolates for you”, we never care to lie to kids for fun. But they don’t take everything as fun like we do. As parents we are the first one in this world they are communicating, so they just resembles what we do on their entire life.

Last Straw: Living neighbor’s life

Living neighbor’s life – This is universal language

“The neighbor’s kids learn swimming, my kid should do”;

“The neighbor’s kids learn music, my kid should do”;

We always think to jump on the bandwagon; we just like to do the same activity what surroundings do. Not only from your kid’s point of view, when we like to buy a television we are very keen to knew what your neighbor has. If they have 40” 1080P television, at the drop of a hat we buy 46” UHD television to beat them.

When we think “My kid has to play with puzzles like other kid”, we should be certainly feeling ill.

A kid has to play when & what they likes to play. Most of the time we decide what they have to play which has certain rules & regulations in it. A kid has to play crazy games which supposed not to be understood by adults, that’s how kids can explore different world, i.e., their own world.

We don’t/suppose not to furnish their brain to think this world as competitive; they will explore and bring better world in future.

Make a long story short, rather brought well-trained generation we have to bring well-educated generation with the knowledge about people values & morals to lead their life.

Daddy has been born


Nov 25th 2016 – 12:00 AM day started, there was a mixed feeling. I was excited, scared to death, nervous and probably every other feeling possible. My wife was ready to be delivered the baby but just waited for contraction on the waiting room and baby’s heart beat were monitored continuously. At 1:00 AM sharp I could see lot of people rushing to our room and asks my wife to flip & turn around and I had no clue what’s going on, neither my wife.

I asked ‘What’s the problem?’ before even I ask that question I can felt my own heartbeat. ‘Baby’s heart beat is slowing down’ they replied. I was broken into pieces; ‘We need to do C-section to get the baby out’ before she completes her sentence, there was a shout from outside ‘OR is ready!’. Everything happened so fast (based on clock) and my angel has born 1:23 AM healthy. Everyone whispers there “it happens very fast; within 20 mins they prepared OR, doctor came, they delivered the baby.” I agree, but for me it was the longest 20 mins in my life.

That time I realized TEARS has 2 meanings, by 1:00 AM my tears meant ‘Am I going to lose my life’, at 1:23 AM tears didn’t stop but it meant different ‘Here is my life’.

I felt that time I am the one who is going to face my angel FACE-TO-FACE first time between me & my wife. I still have that conceited smile in my face when I see my wife.

Nov 25th 2016 – I have no feeling other than I became a dad, without knowing what it means.

Days are passing 1, 2, 3, 4… I just realized how much I have changed/learned day by day. The first point I realized I have learned to love unconditionally, regardless of whether she is being happy and cute, good, the bad and the ugly ; anytime & every second I love her, and there’s no sense complaining about why they are bad.

I became crazy by all time & non-verbal. I am doing crazy things to make her smile. When we speak to our friends/relatives we always keen to do not being stupid OR crazy in front of them. But I was literally doing all the crazy stuffs & speaking to her in nonverbal to make her happy, without even thinking about my friends and family are sitting on the same room.

The word “me” has disappeared from my dictionary. Because whatever I do/speak/buy something, I am not thinking about “me”, I am thinking about my little angel.

I leaned to stay & live in the moment. When I say “She is 5 months now” to friends, their first reaction “days flew by”, but it didn’t for me, because I am engaged in whatever I’m doing. When I feel something she picks up my energy and reflects like a mirror. When I feel stressed/bad, she never smiles and just copies my behavior. That makes me to stop stressing and just live in the moment. I don’t want to raise my angel to follow what I do nor does what I say. I want to raise someone who thinks independently in the moment, and is able to be calm, and cool regardless of what’s going on in their life.

I am learning day by day to make my angel happy, learn, play & love everyone. I am & will not teach any algorithm to her to survive in this world. Because her life itself is ready to teach lot many things to her and every lesson is going to be unique. I am just teaching her to adapt anything and stay positive, every second is a lesson and learn out of it.

So far this is the best 5 months of my life, I have changed a lot inside. Not only my angel, even her ‘Daddy has been born’ on Nov 25th.


Did any of you notice the students who scored state level ranks from rural areas are not shining on their professional degree at college level?

Because of much competition? Nah…

Because of complexity of syllabus? May be, but that’s not the main cause.

Then what! Answer is simple but its complicated scenario LANGUAGE BARRIER.

Most of the time the state level ranks held by a rural student who learned all his/her subject by native language and it’s easy to present in the same way in exam paper because he/she knows what they are writing about. The first question being asked to them after their state level rank, what is your ambition Doctor/Engineer? They have to choose either one of this because that’s the maximum knowledge about the educational world they knew from rural area. They don’t have any awareness what other educational options are available in metropolitan city.

So they have to pick one from doctor/engineer and travel to city life with many dreams, but the world they are expecting is different from the reality. Being a topper in the school has to sit in last because of their inferiority. There are many factor they feel unsafe on their college circumstances

The First Fear

The first fear they have in their mind ‘what if someone asks me something in English, how I am going to respond. ’ They usually find a way to get rid of that situation – hide behind someone else. The reality is they are not only scared about the answer, they have more concerns to understand the question first.

For students like them, the first few months of their college life is like a maze, they don’t know where they stand and how they need to communicate/ask  lot & lots of question they have on their mind. Even though they have an idea/suggestion on their mind they hesitate to share that in front of the class because of their lack of confidence on their communication.


Most of the students (even who are good in English) have difficulties on studying Engineering/Doctor syllabus. But the students who has language barrier has lot more than the regular student.

  • Lack of efficiency in communicating in English
  • Difficulty to translate their thoughts from native language to English.
  • Difficulty in understanding the lectures in English
  • Difficulty in studying all the subjects in English
  • Difficulty in reproducing the subjects in English for their exams
  • Fear to speak in English in front of others. The students may have fears about going to college.

Worst of all above difficulties

  • Difficulty in making friends

During the first few months, the entire educational system declared  these students as last benchers and their college life get miserable.

To communicate in a language efficiently, the following key factors are mandatory:

  1. Listening
  2. Understanding
  3. Speaking
  4. Reading
  5. Writing

But the students who has language barrier FAILs on every aspect. When they hear ‘idioms and phrases’, they feel like its demon to them.

Many of you can say,

“To overcome these difficulties,

  • Start reading simple novels
  • Start writing Diary/Journals
  • Use Dictionary, etc., “

I am with you. But when you came to know that the person who sits next to you underestimates you, you feel like left alone in this world with no helping hands.

I am not giving any conclusion to this problem, but this blog is just a request to all educational institutions to take one more step to do an additional care on these people rather humiliate them in front of the whole crowd. Few educational institutions are already doing this, please spread the awareness to the students and make them believe

‘He/She one among them, they have feelings and they get hurt when you humiliate them’.




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