Well-trained Generation

Recently I visited a neighbor home and there was a kid playing with puzzle objects and lot of puzzle books around and the kid’s parents had noble look and very much proud to say “My kid is just 3 yrs old, but she always loves to play with puzzles and I don’t encourage them to … Continue reading Well-trained Generation

Daddy has been born

  Nov 25th 2016 – 12:00 AM day started, there was a mixed feeling. I was excited, scared to death, nervous and probably every other feeling possible. My wife was ready to be delivered the baby but just waited for contraction on the waiting room and baby’s heart beat were monitored continuously. At 1:00 AM … Continue reading Daddy has been born


Did any of you notice the students who scored state level ranks from rural areas are not shining on their professional degree at college level? Because of much competition? Nah... Because of complexity of syllabus? May be, but that’s not the main cause. Then what! Answer is simple but its complicated scenario LANGUAGE BARRIER. Most … Continue reading STUDENT’s LANGUAGE BARRIER