Home – its a FEELING…

I was born and brought up in a small house with my mom dad and younger brother life was very happy even though we had no money or even some days no food… I still remember my mom giving us lunch made with neem flower (I hope everyone knows how bitter neem would taste) but we didn’t care much of our home situation because I had the best family. Being in gypsylike life by living different rented houses from childhood I always dream about to enter my own home in my lifetime.

There came the day that I should get married, first I was very hesitant to get married as we were not financially sound good to get married and second the demands the groom family keeps to us… but luckily there came the hero of my life with his family I still don’t know what made me attracted to him but I liked him in the first sight and there were no demands from them they were absolutely good people I felt that I am going to live my life happily…

This is the time I came to know that I am going to live in our own home wow, more than myself my mom and dad were very happy for me. Only people like us know the value of being in our own home. I have been in the rented home for almost 23 years lots of struggles lots of restriction OMG, there are few restrictions you can’t even imagine. Like Adding fruit on top of ice cream, he just got the new home key before a week of our marriage. It means once I get married we were going to start our new journey in our very own home which was bought with lot of hope and dream.

During my childhood I had lots of gifts given from my friends, those days I used to tell my mom that one day I will be in our own home and save a room for my old gifts and display it in a big showcase that day my mom wish me that let my dream come true one day, finally it came. As soon we got married my hubby bought a big showcase and placed in the hall and I started to display all my gifts I couldn’t believe my own eyes that I have kept and fulfilled my dream.

I had our own room our own design no restriction or no rule it’s all my rule, my own kitchen and my own ideas how to keep them wow those feel can never be expressed through words.

Still that moment entering in our own home lingers in my heart an as fresh as it happened today, that moment always be fresh in my entire life span.

How many ever we buy or build the first will be the best and best ever.


Published by abhibala19

I am mom to my daughter and wife to my hubby, I love to write my life experience and do lots of handwork this is me 😍😁

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