Daddy is getting sculpted

8a6ec54d8244dd24c5cc5d4025ea453cRecently I had a photo shoot (I doubt whether its Photoshoot or Photo shoot, that’s the utmost knowledge I have on that subject) with my 6 months angel and my wife. It took nearly 30 mins to complete entire session with number of snaps mostly using my angel and finally there are few snaps as a family photo. After few mins, they asked me to pick few out of entire snaps to make a portrait. I amaze to see the family photo that I am smiling naturally. My wife literally disgusted to see that smile as it’s hard & impossible to see any of my marriage photos with a smile. I have never been smiling naturally for any of my 30 years of photo collections, which happens now.

I born as dad 6 months back and now I am growing inside with my kid without my knowledge. I could see there is lot of NEVER BEEN moment happens/happening now.

Never been possessive

To let the cat out of the bag – I never consider anyone so special in my life and I have a bad ideology towards life ‘Anything or anyone in this world is a passing cloud’. This ideology getting vanished at the drop of a hat when I meet my angel first time.

Habitually once I reach home after work, I never had any special things to do; just helping with dinner (helping is the better word to use rather ‘preparing dinner’) and watching TV and office work at home this was my pattern. Now a days I am more excited when I get into my home, the first thing I noticed a HUGE smile & giggles from my angel which has no expectation unless to hold her.

She is 6 months now and started sleeping on her own in bed with no cuddling required. But I really want her to cuddle a lot and want her to sleep on me for some time once I reached home; my wife still says to make her lie down and don’t practice to sleep on you. I agree that which is more comfortable to her, but I couldn’t. She is spending the entire day with my wife and I have only few hours, so I want her to be with me. I never have been this much possessive on anyone, I believe now possessiveness is the outcome of true love.

Never been choosy

Shopping – not my cup of tea. When I purchase a dress I usually had a price tag on mind and go any nearby shop, pick something without thinking about what color & what brand it is.

Now I surf a lot online for my angel’s dressing and came to know that’s a big market in online which has multiple options available, but still I am not satisfied. I am very choosy now to pick something for my kid it can be anything dress; diaper; lotion; hair oil even it costs an arm and a leg.

I am thinking best of best for my angel, but at the same time I teach her valuable lessons like you won’t get everything easy in life. Here you may think ‘TEACHING to 6 month Old’??? This is idiotic. I can wait longer to teach academic syllabus to her, but I have to feed life’s valuable lesson from DAY 1, even my wife’s pregnancy time, I believe in that.

Never being in sweet silent mode.

I am calm and reticent. I don’t speak much and most of the time I keep myself in silent mode. I never had been enjoying those silent mode and I have been alone when those silent mode on. In recent days, I am not alone in my silent mode there is one more person involved in my silence.

Each evening after I reach home, I pick up her and, before we do anything, I hug her for a full minute in complete silence. This intimate time we share each day is sacred and one of my favorite parts of being her dad. I would like to do this on her morning time once she started awake before I start to office. She is so busy sleeping at morning time now.

Never been living my life

My wife always says ‘You are not living your life’. I really don’t understand what that means. I am flexible and I don’t know to live like a Mirror. Even someone hurts me; I won’t react to that, because that’s what I am.

I never had a plan for a trip for my own; never thinks to buy something big for me; whatever happens in my life been decided by someone else. I never felt bad about that as I don’t care much about that. When same thing happens to my angel , I realized the real meaning of that  as I have never been living MY life and I am damn sure I am going to let my angel live her own life.,

Everyone says KIDS are like clay, we need to sculpt them. But not only KIDS even as a dad I am getting sculpted day by day, being a sculptor my angel guides me and structured me as a perfect sculpture.

Thanks to my angel for makes me live my life & being my life.,





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One thought on “Daddy is getting sculpted

  1. Hi, Bala, pleased to ‘meet’ you 🙂

    Re: ‘photoshoot’ vs ‘photo shoot’: Google has 328,000,000 results for the former, and 29,600,000 results for the latter. Take from that what you will! has this to say on the subject.

    Happy blogging!


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