To the men who raise their hand‼️

This is kind of serious issue most of the women facing now, I have not had the courage to speak about this topic on public for many years😒. But this is the common issue every 9/10 women facing all over the world.

When I started to think writing this topic the first lines that popped up in my mind is my hubby voice📣, when ever we discuss this topic he always use to tell me that the men who raise their hands are not men, I think it’s really true. To show their manliness this is not the way, there are many other good ways to show like supporting wife in their life, supporting family👪…

I don’t blame all the men in the world but there are many men in this world still raising their hands on women. I feel very pity for those men how ashamed they must feel to raise their hands.

I am from very average family based girl who has seen almost many situations in my house but till day I have not seen my dad raising his hand on my mom, they fight to the core they have all kind of middle class family issues but my dad never lost his temper and raised his hand. I feel proud to say my daddy is good gentleman. Next coming to my in laws family this is the most beautiful side, my father in law is like the best Male I would say, up to my knowledge he never lost his temper at any place. My hubby he is the best, as I said before he is very against to raising hand, still we fight to core but never ever lost his temper.

To the men who raise their hand should know one thing that women are not the weaker sex as you all think, they are powerful than a men they are strong enough to give birth for another human through their body. That much strong enough they are, as they dont raise on hand back is not like they are afraid to, they are just maintaining the peace in their life. If they raise back their hand then no men can have a peaceful life, we are not afraid for anything neither the society because they speak what ever we do.

I have myself seen many women who still get beatings and cry and maintain calm as they have kids to take care, but those calm never goes on entire life one day they burst out to the extreme core where men can not tolright their anger.

Generally there is a say that words are more powerful than the beatings but up to me both are more powerful as we can not forget that incident. The beatings and the harsh words are always wrong before speaking or raising hand one should think how we will face them the next day. We may act casually as if nothing happened but deep down your heart and at the back of ur head u keep on thinking those things it never fades.

I would like to say to the society that don’t ever peep in to others life, because people are considering more powerful of you than their own life. Women out there be bold to face all kind of situation don’t allow men to raise their hand on you because we are not born to get beatings from them, we are born to achieve some thing in this world.

When a baby girl is born in a family they praise them, adore them, safe them, treat like a princess, gratify them as we are their happiness. But the day they get married they are treated bad sometimes, many girls out their would have never ever got beatings from their parents but they are getting after getting married. To men out there we never wanted you guys to treat us like a princess but just treat us like a human being, we don’t want any expensive gifts or pleasure just a happy and peaceful life.

Is this more to ask? because we are the persons who is going to show the Ray’s of light for the future generation so we should be careful in passing are generosity. Because these followers are going to be next society where we want to preach them the good path not the worst path.

To the women who are suffering don’t roll up in tears just come out with more courage if men raise their hand just u raise back don’t get afraid of the society are ur family they know u well, they know that you are doing this to change the way the life goes.

I personally salute the women out there who are still getting beatings and still getting up and doing their duties.

We the women are always the best and more powerful and stronger than men…




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2 thoughts on “To the men who raise their hand‼️

  1. Wowee! Dear darling what a topic da. Really I am wnderstruck! How ? How my daughter is able to write things like this. Keep it up! Expecting more to come.


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